Krow Maders

Proud and gifted mage, turned adventurer to gain power and fame


Krow was discovered in a small village by his would-be mentor and famed High Wizard Yen Sid, who was traveling through the area. Yen took him out of his village and showed Krow his true magical potential through a rigorous training process. Krow admired his mentor very much, and learned much about the world and himself that he never knew through him.

Growing older, Krow dreamed of returning to his village one day, a victorious and powerful wizard, and letting his fame spread to the tiny place that he had been born into. However, he had yet to discover fame and fortune comparable to his master, so he trained with adventurers to prepare for quests that he might go on. For a humble pastime, Krow enjoyed the arts of cooking, although he never really had enough time to make his cooking hobbies very impressive. He continues to believe that eating is an easy and powerful way to connect all social groups, and is a type of simple magic in itself.

Recently, when the Paladin Baptiste held a recruitment tournament, Krow entered with the intentions of discovering great fame through association with one of the most widely-known adventurers of his time. Krow is a proud wizard with good intentions, but perhaps he does not always know the right way to carry them out, since he is very young for a wizard (29) and therefore more hot-headed than most.

Krow Maders

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