The Paladin

Enter: The Guy

Session 3 quick summary:

  • The party’s three anarchist prisoners escaped.
  • Borlan met the Guy, Roland, a scary figure bearing an ancient and warped spear and a symbol of a black wolf on his shield. He has a habit of appearing to listen to something inaudible, and sometimes talking to it.
  • Roland showed the dwarf the place where a woman had been executed by templars as a witch and a heretic. He asked Borlan, as a member of Ratatosk, to kill the templar leader, Osric.
  • The party met Osric, an unlikable fat man. He was displeased to see a goblin entering the site of what would be his barracks/temple.
  • Gibbit found a stone raven- a symbol of Odin, in the ruins of the witch’s home.
  • The party reached an agreement with Roland: return with Osric’s signet ring as a sign of his death, and he’ll tell them about the necromancer.
  • Borland got flirty with a local contractor building the town’s new barracks. (Un?)Fortunately, his advances were met only with uncomfortable responses.


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