The Paladin

The Plan
Nighttime entertainment
  • Our heroes decided to steal the ring from Osric later that night, and only kill him if deemed necessary.
  • The local priest appeared to be channeling some sort of spirit (of Tier?) when our heroes returned later, with bad intentions.
  • Borland was tasked with setting fire to the new Barracks, as a means of distraction. He would leave behind a drugged brownie to frame the local troublemaking group Rattatosk, but he was unable to actually set fire to the Barracks.
  • Gibbit won a few hands of a card game, before the guards he was playing against were told by a fake apparition of Osric (created by Krow) to gather all the Templars and stop the fire down at the Barracks.
  • Osric was awakened by the panic, but Gibbet was able to sneak into his room and hold him with his garrote. Osric was also hit in the stomach several times with a chair.
  • Gibbit bit off Osric’s finger, with the ring on it, and escaped out the window. Krow killed Osric and took his sword. He attempted to draw a Rattatosk symbol on the wall, but could not.
  • The crew reunited with Roland the next morning, who told them the location of the Necromancer.
Enter: The Guy

Session 3 quick summary:

  • The party’s three anarchist prisoners escaped.
  • Borlan met the Guy, Roland, a scary figure bearing an ancient and warped spear and a symbol of a black wolf on his shield. He has a habit of appearing to listen to something inaudible, and sometimes talking to it.
  • Roland showed the dwarf the place where a woman had been executed by templars as a witch and a heretic. He asked Borlan, as a member of Ratatosk, to kill the templar leader, Osric.
  • The party met Osric, an unlikable fat man. He was displeased to see a goblin entering the site of what would be his barracks/temple.
  • Gibbit found a stone raven- a symbol of Odin, in the ruins of the witch’s home.
  • The party reached an agreement with Roland: return with Osric’s signet ring as a sign of his death, and he’ll tell them about the necromancer.
  • Borland got flirty with a local contractor building the town’s new barracks. (Un?)Fortunately, his advances were met only with uncomfortable responses.
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